Magnificent 19th-Century Library Shelves 350,000 Books

Feast your eyes on the elegant grandeur of the Real Gabinete Português de Leitura (known in English as the Royal Portuguese Reading Room or the Royal Cabinet), a 19th-century library in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Constructed from 1880 to 1887 under the direction of architect Rafael da Silva e Castro, the magnificent library has the distinction of holding the largest and most valuable collection of Portuguese works outside of Portugal, with over 350,000 volumes filling its countless bookshelves.

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Favorite Downworlders: Warlocks

  • Ragnor Fell, Catarina Loss, Magnus Bane and Malcolm Fade

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Someone held his hand. He tried to turn his head to look over, but it sent a fresh wave of agony shooting down his spine. He didn't need to see. It was Brenda.

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Divergent deleted scenes

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Divergent Deleted Scenes- Edward Gets Stabbed

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Can you keep up with Minho? Check out this exclusive online Maze Runner poster featuring Ki Hong Lee from Yahoo Movies!

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anywhere is better than here

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Here’s another limited edition Maze Runner poster for you! Stay tuned for the trailer tomorrow from Yahoo Movies!

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tbbt character appreciation weeks • week six • rajesh koothrappali

day two • favourite scene

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    ‘Of all the digs she made, why did Skeeter have to close with that jab to the ribs? Who does she think she is? What’s she trying to say? That I’m bad at my job? That I’m a bad mother?’
    ‘Huh?’ Ron tore his eyes away from the match programme. ‘Oh, don’t let her get to you, Hermione-‘
    ‘You wouldn’t be saying the same if she’d called you a cold-hearted careerist.’
    ‘Come off it, Hermione…’
    Hermione sighed and threw down the newspaper. ‘I hate that phrase. Having it all. Am i expected to prove that? Is it a crime to be good at my job and have a family? And what does the state of my hair matter in any of this?’
    ‘Like I said. Don’t let her get to you-‘
    ‘I’ll let the dross she writes for the Prophet slide when she stops putting the world on my shoulders just because I’m a woman! I swear, if I was Minister, I’d have her turned into a Flobberworm every time she so much as looked at that Quick-Quotes Quill…’

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